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Angie Johnson Wizworld Preparer

Angie Johnson

CEO, NumberNutz

Kelsey Johnson Wizworld Preparer

Kelsey Johnson

CEO, KP Tax Solutions

Ciriniti McCain Wizworld Preparer

Ciriniti McCain

CEO, Luminous Light

Giselle Marzan Wizworld Preparer

Giselle Marzan

CEO, The Accountant Bae

Quanta Brown Wizworld Preparer

Quanta Brown

CEO, More Than Lint

Shaan Rizvi Wizworld Preparer

Shaan Rizvi

CEO, RizBiz Services

Raven Buchanan Wizworld Preparer

Raven Buchanan

CEO, Structured Financial Services

Devon Edwards Wizworld Preparer

Devon Edwards

CEO, Ds Tax Services

Juan Mora Wizworld Preparer

Juan Mora

CEO, Impuestos United

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